Amherst Youth Lacrosse Massachusetts

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Amherst Youth Lacrosse Mission Statement

Amherst Youth Lacrosse, Inc. is a volunteer community of athletes, parents, coaches and boosters who are raising the visibility of the great sport of lacrosse in Amherst and Western Massachusetts.


The mission of AYL is to educate the youth of Amherst and surrounding communities and offer them the opportunity to develop lacrosse skills through practice and competitive games, build teamwork, cultivate a love for the sport, instill a sense of volunteerism and develop into respectful athletes and people.  All of this is done as part of a well coached, nurturing and supportive team.  We want to win and we recognize that fierce competition should bring out the best in all of us.  We strive to ensure that every child becomes a better lacrosse player and we will do so by making sure that every child has the opportunity to play, regardless of skill level.


AYL also serves as an educational body for parents and prospective young athletes who would like to learn more about the game. 




Board of Directors

​Amherst Youth Lacrosse, Inc.